Vision statement

Alités Financial aims to be a leading provider of outsourced business partnership services in South Africa using client friendly technology and livered through our close partnership relationships with our clients. Alités team members demonstrate the highest levels of, technical know-how, integrity and client dedication thereby ensuring that our clients trust us with the their business success.


Mission statement

Alités Financial gives small, medium and micro enterprises access to a range of customized taxation, financial and business expertise and support services. Alités is an outsourced Financial Department for it's clients thereby saving its clients the full time cost of this resource. Alités aims to contribute to our clients' success through taking care of the non-core activities associated with running a business, on behalf of our clients.



Alités provides a mission critical service to our clients and as such our team is comprised of individuals who exhibit the highest levels of integrity and commitment. Because our success is intergrated with that of our clients, our team members are comprised of professionals who are experts in their respective fields and are able to develop solutions for our clients to enhance their business performance as well as ensuring that the highest level of business compliance is maintained at all times.

Alités strategy

Alités has adopted a business strategy that seeks to maximise the effectiveness of the services we offer to clients by developing a detailed understanding of our client needs are as well as what they are trying to achieve. We have therefore aligned our Service Strategy to our Business strategy, by developing an in depth understanding of what our client's business is trying to achieve. By achieving a Business and Service Strategy Alignment, Alites is able to define, design, implement and operate services that are fit for our client's business purpose and ultimately ensure maximum value is delivered to the client.

We have identified the following key areas within Business and Service Strategy Alignment:


Business Relationship Management

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship between Alités and its clients.


Demand Management

Understanding and documenting of clients' use of services, both in current and future terms.


Financial Management

Accounting for the cost of service provision, providing a valuation of the services being delivered, the valuation of the assets that are in use in enabling those services and the costs of operating and supporting those services.


Service Portfolio Management

Dynamically governing and representing the commitments and investments made by Alités in respect of its clients.


Service Reporting

Producing agreed, timely, reliable and accurate reports for informed decision-making and effective communication.